Less Than Jake / Reel Big Fish / Save Ferris Buttons


There was a reason I photographed these 3 buttons together. For a number of people, these 3 seemed to be the holy trinity of 3rd Wave Ska/ Ska-Punk. Interestingly, these are the 3 bands I hear the most in modern day ska-punk bands. All three of these buttons were probably procured in the late 90s or thereabouts. It is crazy to think some version of these bands still play today. Less Than Jake is the most intact with 4 members having put in an impressive 22 years with the band (keeping in mind JR is the new member with 15 years in). Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris are still playing shows and/or touring but only retain 1 original member in each band. It’d be cool if we got a classic line-up show from each outfit.