Berlin Project / Slick Olde Bishops / Song at David Lawrence Hall – 10/30/99


My two biggest goals in college were to join a band and book shows. Here is a flyer for the first show I ever booked. It was a benefit concert and I got to book a show with my friends in the Berlin Project (still a ska band at this point), the Slick Olde Bishops, and Song. My roommate Andy and I booked the show with us trying to rent a U-Haul all day to move a PA system. No one showed up as there was also a Pitt Football game that night. Pitt lost that night 30-17 to #3 Virginia Tech. So did we as I think only 6 people showed up.

PittSka Awards 2000

From 1999 to 2001, I ran the Pittsburgh Ska Mailing List. Growing up in DC, the ska scene had 2 great resources with that was run by Craig and the DC Ska Mailing list run by Michelle Chin. Taking a queue from the very talented Ms. Chin, I decided to do the same thing for the Pittsburgh Scene with Tony Vinski running the awesome website. In 2000, the Pittsburgh Ska Mailing List ran the first, and what ended up being only, Pittsburgh Ska Awards. Here are the nominees and winners:

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